About Crop


Crop Iran Chemical Company purchased Equipment and company of Shell Chemical Company in 1990 and upon rebuilding production lines and salons, production of anti freeze and brake oil were started on Feb. 09, 1996.

This company could obtain standard license for production of brake fluid of DOT 4,DOT3 also for production of anti freeze and anti boiling. This company could obtain standard certificate for production of engine oil (lubricant) for the first time in Ghazvin Province.

Since directors of the company are really interested in development of industries and achieving self sufficiency for the said products in Iran, they established Plan & Program Department for the purpose of planning and completion of plan and development projects and accordingly production of differential gears case fluid, hydraulic oil, engine oil and bottle manufacturing for packing was started in 1998. At present the company is planning to establish grease production line . Most of the products of this company have been approved by vehicle manufacturing companies such as Iran Khodrow, Pars Khodrow and Saipa Companies. Products of this company are produced according to vehicle safety standards of the USA and American Vehicle Engineers standard such as FMVS116, and SAEJ814.

Crop Iran Company by acquiring modern technology and developed laboratory, is engaged in the following fields:
Production of engine oil, anti freeze, brake liquid, screen washing liquid, gas oil additives and hydraulic oil. With regard to high quality of products of this company, this company has been able to:

-To achieve Standard certificates of Iran Industrial Research and Standard Institute of Iran for production of gears case fluid for the first time in Iran.

- To cooperate for long time and continuously with vehicle manufactures of Iran.

Name of the company shows main principles and policies of the company. Crop means high quality of products, full satisfaction of customer, confidence of user and continuous development.
In order to fulfill the above said objects directors of the company with regard to the requirements of Iran International standards, could obtain ISO 9001 certificate for quality of the products. Also in order to obtain ISO/TS certificate for quality management, directors of the company are doing their best for the said purpose